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  • Thomas Panton

We've Rebranded!

Introducing Canopey - the home for buying better.

Goodbye Greenr, welcome… Canopey! 🎉

You may notice things look a little different around here. 👀

Our mission as a company has always been to break out of the ‘eco-conscious echo chamber’.

We’re all about making sustainability more exciting, accessible and ultimately more mainstream. 👋

While we have always loved the name Greenr, it has always held us back when it comes to appealing to a wider audience, especially to those who don’t necessarily identify with the environmental movement.

So, with the crowdfund now closed and the platform in its final stages, we felt it was the perfect time to refine the way we look.

The Canopey logo and the words 'Greener goods all under one roof.'

Why we chose Canopey

The name Canopey is all about giving everyone a home for better buying – bringing trusted, sustainable products with the data to back it all up, together under one roof.

It’s simple, short and friendly, while keeping a connection with the idea of being ‘green’ and kinder to the planet.

A safe home

We’re building the home for buying better. We wanted to get across the idea that you can come to to find everything you need all in one place, without having to journey out.

But more than that, it’s important to us that everyone who uses the platform knows it’s a safe haven. When you browse on you can trust everything has been verified and see why – all the while avoiding greenwashing.

And with our Impact Calculator, Canopey is also your home for tracking and learning about the impact of your shopping. 🤝

A natural link

Canopies in nature provide a home for all sorts of life. They reach up, helping you get a better view of the landscape, while also providing shade below and safety from the wilderness.

We’ll be working with Ecologi to support their tree planting and biodiversity projects, so taking our new name from the idea of a forest, jungle or woodland felt very fitting.

A broader umbrella

We knew we wanted to keep a link to the natural world, while allowing for a bit more interpretation.

Sustainability is more than just being green: it’s also about things like fair ethical practices and cruelty to animals. We wanted to ensure we’re bringing everyone in together in an inclusive way, under one umbrella.

The concept of a ‘canopy’ has so much potential, making it a great choice for the future as we inevitably expand what we offer as a company helping people on their journey to live more sustainably.

An extra ‘e’?

OK, we know you’re thinking it. Why the extra ‘e’?

We’re obviously no stranger to a funny spelling, and the reason for this is that there are a lot of other companies with the regular spelling of ‘canopy’. The new name has also allowed us to get the .com domain, which we didn’t have with Greenr, which caused a lot of confusion.

Finally, the extra ‘e’ makes the word a lot more symmetrical, making the ‘o’ – a circular shape which has a lot of great resonance in the natural world – central to the word.

Thank you

We want to give a huge thank you to Ben Mountford, the designer who has been working with us on this.

Ben is an alumni of Norwich University of the Arts, which is based in our home city.

👉 Check out his website or connect on LinkedIn.

The Canopey logo repeated on a grid of four different colour backgrounds

What do you think?

We’d love to get your thoughts and feedback on the new name, brand and landing site.

We’ll be making tweaks here and there, so we’re always open to any ideas you may have.

💌 Get in touch with us via our contact form with any comments.

Thanks for reading,

Thomas, Hugo, Emma and the rest of the Canopey team 🌳

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